Available Yorkie Puppies !!
Please read the information at the bottom of the page concerning deposits. 
Contact information listed throughout and at the bottom of this page.
Pick-up's are always welcome !!!
Available Yorkie Puppies
Available yorkie puppies are indicated by the flashing arrow.  So, look for the flashing arrow to find your puppy.


            We are currently not shipping puppies.   

   These are Dimples Boys.  They are just darling !!
They were born 08-15-12.  They will be ready to go

       Orange Bow - $350 pet pick-up price
                        AKC limited registration

To see more pictures of orange bow, please click here.

Please contact Lynn at andys_yorkies@frontier.com if interested in orange bow.

Blue Bow - $350 pet pick-up price
                   AKC limited registration

Please click here to see more pictures of blue bow.

Please contact Lynn at andys_yorkies@frontier.com if interested in Dimples blue bow.

  Chawka's chocolate girl.  She was born on Aug. 5th and is ready to go.  Please see our available Biewer puppies page to see more pictures.  She is a first generation Biewer out of Chawka Girl and Fudgey but still yorkie all the way.  A Biewer is just a third generation German heritage Yorkie with the piebald (white gene) .  She is Yorkie all the way.  She is CKC registered.

     Female Chocolate Yorkie (Biewer bloodline)
                        $500.00 pet pick-up price 

                          Pending female


    Dottie has puppies ready to go.  Toby is the sire and they were born on Aug. 7th.  These are CKC registered being sold as pets.

               Dottie's red bow girl
                Wow, what a face and coloring !!!
                       $400 pet pick-up price

Please click here to see more pictures of red bow.

   Dottie has three other girls and one boy.  Pictures coming soon. 


              Katrinka had puppies on Sept. 8th, 2012.  These are AKC registered and Mickey is the sire.   Sold with AKC limited registration at the listed prices.

             Blue bow - $350 pet pick-up price

Click here to see more pictures of blue bow.

        Red Bow - $350 pet pick-up price

Click here to see more pictures of red bow.

Please contact Lynn at andys_yorkies@frontier.com if interested in Katrinka's puppies.

Tia's puppies are here.  She had three girls and one boy on Oct. 1st.   Pictures coming soon.  They just opened their eyes. Pictures coming soon.


 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousnesss; and, all these things will be added unto you."  Matthew 6:33         


Retiree's will go to an approved home only.  After you are approved, you will be able to take your girl home.  The only requirement or cost is that you have them spayed within three months of leaving our premises.   If you think you need a companion and can provide a good home for one of our retiree's, just email for more details and pictures. 

Lynn has one retiree available at this time.  Her name is Tootsie.  She is a Yorkie.    Please contact Lynn at
andys_yorkies@frontier.com for more information.  Click below to go to the Available Retiree's page.

                                     Available Retiree's

                                AKC Registration Full Registration
All Yorkies are sold on limited registration unless otherwise stated.  Prices for Yorkies sold with full AKC registration starts at $1200.  We do not sell females that we feel will be under 4 lbs for breeding. 

Contact information:                  

     Lynn Daniel email andys_yorkies@frontier.com
or you may call (812) 749-9139

        Barbara Daniel email bjdaniel@hughes.net
                or you may call at (270) 274-4278

Deposit information

When a deposit is taken, that puppy is pulled off the market so he/she cannot be sold to someone else.  We receive deposits fairly quickly on many puppies.  i.e. sometimes within 48 hours of birth. 

We send pictures of your puppy to you about every two weeks.  If at any point you do not like how your puppy is turning out, we will refund your deposit.  At 6 weeks old, you will receive pictures to approve of your puppy.  If you approve at this time then change your mind after this age, your deposit will be non-refundable at that time.  Most puppies are ready to go at 9 weeks old with the exception of the teeny tinies and the puppies that will be left alone for long hours while their owner is at work.  These puppies will be kept till 12 weeks old.  Your puppy must be picked up at the agreed upon age/date.  If your puppy has been with us two weeks longer then agreed upon for pick-up, that puppy will go back on the market and your deposit will be non-refundable.   

We allow 7 days from the day you tell us you would like to make a deposit on a certain puppy to receive that deposit.  If we do not receive the deposit in that time, we will place the puppy back up for sell.  

You will forfeit your deposit is if you do not communicate with us within 3 days via email or phone call.  So, good communication is a key to this system operating smoothly.   Good communication is not considered emailing or calling on the day you are to pick up your puppy to tell us that you will not be picking up your puppy.   Also, we only refund depoists if you do not like how your puppy is turning out.  If your have changed your mind or do not want to spend the agreed upon amount for the puppy, then your deposit is non-refundable. 

Concerning pictrues - Please be considerate when requesting pictures.  We do take pictures every two weeks and welcome reminders on the two week mark.  Puppies do not change  a lot from week to week when they have reached the 6 week age.  Pictures take a lot of time to complete so please be patient with receiving them every two weeks.

Deposits on Biewers Yorkies are not refundable due to the expensive nature of this breed. 

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