We have puppies on the way, Lord willing !!

Expecting litters

Barbara and Lynn have the following litters on the way:

Yorkie Puppies

Goldie is expecting puppies from Mickey in late October.  These are AKC and should be exceptionally beautiful !!

Geni is expecting puppies from Cougar early to mid December.  Could have some AKC blonds or chocolates in this litter.


Biewer Puppies

   None at this time.


None at this time.

None at this time.
None at this time.

If you wonder why I say Lord willing concerning the expecting puppies.  These puppies truly are gifts from God and his hand is in the making and development of each and every one giving each of them their own special look and unique personality.  Sometimes, the females do not get pregnant and it is God's plan.  God's plan is the best plan even when we would like to have the puppies, it is ultimately up to the Lord !!

Pictures for fun only !!

Many people ask if cats and dogs get along.  What do you think?  Life is good !!

Our newest addition to our family !
    Lillie a Lion head rabbit !!

Barbara's personal pet out of Micro and Stormy.  


      Relaxin showing their wears.

Our cat Max - yes a boy dressing up !!!LOL

Pictures for fun only !!

This picture is priceless !!  This was the first picture taken after they were dressed.  Zada is saying with her eyes "What in the world do you have on?"  Priceless

Another priceless picture.  This was the first picture taken after she was dressed.  Can you see how happy she is about it in her eyes?  lol

Lynn's bird "Zippy"

This is what happens when you try to dress a teeny tiny puppy.  They walk right out of the dress !! 


           Jackie profile- so pretty !


I guess she thought it was picture time. 

Biscuit loves to watch the fire !

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