These are our beautiful Biewer Yorkies.  Barbara and Lynn went in on this endevour together as they are expensive.  They are just in a class of their own !!    Simply irrestable !!!!

Our Biewer Yorkies
Our Biewer Boys - click on their name to see their pictures.



Our Biewer Girls - Just click on their name to see their pictrues.

Button - pet only

Chawka Girl



Onna-Pet only

      Biewer Breeding Chart        

Full color Biewer + Full color Biewer = All full color

Full color Biewer + Yorkie = F1 Biewers
(These puppies may have more white on them on the chest and feet)

Full color Biewer + F1 Biewer = F2 Biewers
(The litter should yield 50% full color Biewers and 50% F2's)

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