These are pictures of our previously sold Biewer puppies !

Sold Biewer Puppies
What is a Biewer Yorkie?  Basically, it is a Yorkie of German heritage in which two recessive genes produced the first full tri-colored Yorkie.  The same thing also happened here in the U.S. and those are called AKC Parti-Yorkies.  When you breed an American Yorkie with a full tri-colored Biewer, they produce what is called F1's.  If you breed the F1 to a full tri-colored yorkie, you get F2's.  See the breeding chart on Our Biewers page for more information concerning breeding.

Mia - F2 Biewer  "Lives with Oreo"

This is Ellie at one year old.  A Bella and Bubba puppy.  F2 Oh so pretty !

This is Cookie, an F2 Biewer. 

  F1 Biewer - tiny boy - 2 lbs at 7 months.

             F2 Biewer boy

                Oreo - blue eyes !!

   This is Maggie. She live in PA.

   Penny pictures

Do you need an answer?  Consult the Bible for all your answers !!

          "Cookie - so pretty!!"

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